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Patrick Lenk is a german singer and composer, who is creating deep life-changing chants and instrumental music. His musical pieces are new approaches to old mystical chants, as well as new unheard melodies. The effects of his unique voice and musical work have already helped millions of people to get in touch with subtle and transforming inner realms of life, shown by feedback from thousands of his listeners overflowing with stories of lives which have been changed and enriched due to the deep impact of his art.

Patrick is using his voice and art to bring an experience of mysticism, serious inner search, deeper understanding and spiritual healing to the world. Maybe it is his authentic life-long journey, the deep care for a mystical renewal and the honest longing after a revival of the spiritual mysteries, which can be sensed in his music and voice by the listeners.

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Your music is part of my daily practice and I listen to it many times each day. My brother is special needs, and your music is one of the primary things that soothes him. He is also continually listening. My gratitude is overflowing.

Jessica B.

As a disabled American Air Force Veteran who suffers from PTSD. Every night I go to sleep with your music playing and it relaxes and calms me so I can drift off to sleep without all the thoughts running rampant through my head.

Dawn T.

Just discovered your music. It has been so helpful for me. I struggle with depression, anxiety, grief and insomnia. Your music has helped me get through anxiety attacks, and somehow opens a door for my brain and thoughts to go through so I can find a restful and safe place.

Bria F.

I have Severe Depression Disorder and basically that is constant emotional pain. Medication helps but it just makes it bearable. But when I listen to your music I get a break of emotional pain. I get a sense of safety and fearless. Your music soothes the soul and brings me a more deeper relief and calms me. I feel closer to God.

Luis A.

Thanks so much you are helping at the worst time of my life something I don’t think I’m going to make it but I just listened to your music and it gives me hope you are sent from God

Karen N.

I can hear your music in my dreams its so expensive to explain this, and when I was angry or anxious I heard Pangue Lingua or Kirie Eleison and instantly confortme , for my your music its another thing its like therapy or help you to enter to yourself and looking in you all the answers you needed or help to get into the meditation more easy its unbelievable what you make it, for me you transport to another dimension.


All your works leave me speechless. No matter which religion you profess, this is a magistral work for I am an atheist and I absolutely love it. When an artwork manages to communicate with everyone, regardless of the faith or ideals, well,  this is what I call a great great great job.

Julia P.

Wow, your music really strikes a chord with me. This is how prayer should be. It feels as if you have an ultra high speed internet connection with God. Total thumbs up & God Bless You and your incredible music.

Kevin S.

I’m a dentist and I usually treat patients while listening to your chants, especially “Signum Magnum”. It helps me and patients to overcome stress and discomfort. Thank you for your honorable work.

Omar A.-M.

Your music makes me closer more and more to something that is Higher and Holy beyond everything.

Andreas C.

Being on a healing journey after going through a long dark night of the soul, has really challenged my faith. Finding your music was a huge blessing, because it changed my life and made my healing more spiritually profound. His work transformed me at a soul level.

Trinity L.

The atmosphere sends shivers down my spine. This music adds a layer of mystique to ones own life and activates ones spiritual nature. Doesn’t even have to be christian, it simply touches the very essence of ones spirit. That which has no labels.

Mind I.

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