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    Is your project private or commercial?

    You can use my music for free in the background of your private projects which aren't earning you any money. For example, private projects would be videos without monetization or product advertising, videos for your family and friends, school projects, any live events where no money is earned, streams without monetization or donations, and so on.

    In exchange, please include my name and a link to my original YouTube music video in your descriptions, postings or videos.

    This does neither give you permission to remix my music nor to re-upload or copy my videos anywhere. Please save us both energy and time. Since my content is copyright protected, it will be detected and removed by my publisher.

    If you use my music on YouTube, you will receive a copyright claim (which does not harm your channel status) and have automatic ads placed in your video. If you don't want automated ads in your YouTube video, please select the "Commercial (budgetized, professional or monetized)" option above and follow the steps.

    In order to receive a license offer, please tell me about your project below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Please use the form below to send your message.